From These Dark Depths - Signed Book

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ORDER a signed copy of Vanessa Rasanen's new adult pirate fantasy!

Choose from paperback or hardcover. The hardcover copy features character art inside.

A desperate pirate crew. An abducted captain. Can they save him before he faces the bloodthirsty sirens or will other dangers of the sea claim them first?

The crew of the Siren’s Song race to catch up with the ruthless pirate who has captured their captain. But a sudden storm forces them to choose a perilous route. Desperate to save their captain and retrieve the enchanted dagger, the crew argues over how to survive the waters and what lies beneath.

Declan finds himself in the hands of a cruel and ambitious pirate with no desire to listen to reason or the truth. With no chance to escape, he must buy his crew time to reach him before he falls victim to his captor’s deadly scheme.

In a world of myths and mystery, a captain’s life hangs in the balance. But it will take more than skill and magic to save him. Can a crew come together to free their captain–or will their stubborn hearts sacrifice him instead?

Black Sails meets Throne of Glass in this captivating second installment of the Aisling Sea trilogy with higher stakes, new dangers, and more swoon-worthy romance that is sure to create fans of insta-love. Perfect for readers who don't mind steam on the page, but prefer it not be on every page.