Bookstagram Retreat FAQ

What is bookstagram?

Bookstagram is a community of readers and writers who post on Instagram using the #bookstagram tag (among many others). We share about what we’re reading, what we’ve read, what books we’ve bought, and pretty much anything bookish. It is a large and diverse community!

Who can register?

Anyone who loves reading and participates in bookstagram posts on Instagram. And someone who wants to meet some bookstagram pals IRL.

Can I bring my family?

Absolutely! Some of us will be traveling far to attend, so we completely understand if you want to make this part of a longer family vacation! The only event that will be closed to family will likely be the book club dinner where we’ll be discussing the chosen read for the retreat. Note: Family does not need to register for the event… unless they want to participate in the book club meetup.

What about pets?

Pet rooms are available in the hotel, but it is up to the attendee to follow all pet policy.

What book are we going to read for the retreat?

This will be voted on and decided by all registered attendees about a month prior so we can choose something that hopefully fits all our tastes (or close to it…)

What does the retreat cost?

Registration will be $25 for early bird registration and $40 for standard registration (after Feb 1, 2020).

As we are keeping the registration fee as small as possible, it is the responsibility of attendees to reserve their hotel room, pay for airfare or other transportation, and cover meals and other recreational activities.

We recommend staying at the Ridgeline Hotel; however, there are plenty of options available in the area.

Check Rates at the Ridgeline

We will do our best to help coordinate room-sharing and rides from the airport to keep costs lower for attendees.

How do we get there?

Estes Park is located just north of Denver, CO and is easily accessible by car and plane (via Denver International Airport).

Have another question?

Submit additional questions here, and we will be adding to this FAQ as necessary. Thanks!!!