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From These Dark Depths - Signed Book

From These Dark Depths - Signed Book

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I am no longer keeping books in stock year-round. Instead, I will periodically put these up for PREORDER for limited time. Next preorder is tentatively set for summer 2024.

B-Grade hardcover copies are available for steep discounts. These are only missing their dust jackets.

ORDER a signed copy of Vanessa Rasanen's pirate fantasy!

Choose from paperback or hardcover. The hardcover copy features character art inside.

On these seas of dark legends and grave danger, hope can be lost and love can prove futile.

Locked in the brig of a rival pirate, Declan has nothing but his relentless guilt for company as they sail toward the dagger and the powerful siren queen who guards it. His only hope lies in his crew reaching him before he must face the cursed creature and confront the inner demons he’s kept hidden.

When an unplanned stop leads to a gruesome death, he forces himself to focus on the task at hand and ignore the grief he harbors.

But it comes at a dark cost…

Despite his crew’s help, Declan is forced to face his mistakes and relive his pain. Can true love conquer all or will the evil queen steal his mind and darken his heart forever?

From These Dark Depths is the second book in this romantic fantasy trilogy, luring you into a world of dark secrets, heart-pounding adventure, and forbidden love. This installment ups the stakes with greater danger, more drama, and new romances as this found family of pirates and rebels seeks to conquer evil against all odds.

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