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On These Black Sands - Signed Book

On These Black Sands - Signed Book

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I am no longer keeping books in stock year-round. Instead, I will periodically put these up for PREORDER for limited time. Next preorder is tentatively set for summer 2024.

ORDER a signed copy of Vanessa Rasanen's pirate fantasy!

In a world of lies and betrayal, trust can be dangerous and alliances can turn deadly.

Declan’s years as captain have earned him both a ruthless reputation and a slew of enemies. Add in the Council which lords over the pirates and the painful past that haunts him, and he’d do anything to be free of these seas–even search for a legendary dagger with the power to grant victory to the one who wields it.

When a chance stop back home brings him the information he needs to finally find the blade, nothing will stop him from claiming it for himself.

Until an irritating Council heir stows away on his ship…

Despite his crew’s pleas, Declan can’t shake his protective nature and agrees to see her safely to the next port. But when she turns out to be the key to his quest, he’ll have to set aside his hatred for her and her family… or throw away his one chance at freedom.

On These Black Sands is the first book in a romantic fantasy trilogy, pulling you into a unique world of heart-rending betrayal, deadly legends, and swoon-worthy love. This pirate adventure offers political intrigue with a side of slow-burn romance between a reluctant hero and the woman who could save him…if she doesn’t wreck him first.

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