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With These Last Breaths - Signed Book

With These Last Breaths - Signed Book

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I am no longer keeping books in stock year-round. Instead, I will periodically put these up for PREORDER for limited time. Next preorder is tentatively set for summer 2024.

Choose from paperback or hardcover. The hardcover copy features character art inside.

**Inventory is limited, and these will not be restocked regularly.**

Love hurts. Darkness numbs. Death awaits.

Declan’s one hope now lies in the hands of a man he wants to see suffer, and he’s determined to make that happen. Even if it means letting the darkness within him take over.

But retrieving the dagger could cost him the best thing to ever happen to him…her.

He may not be good enough–he may not deserve her–but he’s a pirate, and he’s not about to let her go.

Not without a fight.

With These Last Breaths is the final book in this romantic fantasy trilogy, throwing you back into a world of ruthless evil, dark vengeance, and true love. Darker, grittier, and steamier, this book contains torture, violence, family drama, and on-page intimate scenes with tame language.

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