Formatting Package

$50 + $0.003/word

You've finished the book. Now you need to get the final files made.

Investing time and patience and money you can definitely learn to do this step yourself. However, if you're like a lot of self-publishing authors, you have other responsibilities that require your attention and time.

What if we could take this part of the process off your shoulders? What if you didn't have to spend hours watching tutorials, money on software, or time fighting the computer? What if you didn't want to have to pay your formatter for updates when a typo is found the day after launch?

Let me help create a book formatted to your genre and style, fitting your vision while allowing you to focus on everything else on your plate.

What you get

  1. 60 minute chat to get us on the same page for your project.
  2. Three files for your publishing needs: e-ARC, ePUB, and PDF for your paperback OR hardcover
  3. Graphical elements for the print copy (i.e. map, character art, chapter heading art) NOTE: I am only able to supply basic graphical elements. For the map and other artwork, I recommend commissioning with an artist.
  4. Full approval of all font used in the print copy
  5. Up to three revisions on all effected files within two months of book release day.

Available add-ons

Please ask us for a quote for any of the following additions as rates will be based on your specific project and need:

  • additional print file (i.e. both paperback and hardcover, print ARC, etc)
  • revisions beyond those included in the package

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